There’s nothing better than a real bass player playing on your track

Online bass sessions

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Custom online bass sessions for your music.  I provide a fast and affordable way of hiring a professional bass player.  I’ll remotely record the perfect bass part for your music either if you’re a songwriter, band, remixer, composer or producer.  Hiring a professional session bass player couldn’t be easier and you came to the right place.  The online recording services I provide are professional, affordable, fast and my communication with clients is always excellent.  My number one goal is to provide the bass part that you want.

I can help you develop your new bass line from the ground up. Alternatively, if you have a bass part written and only need it recorded professionally, I can certainly help with that.  Although it is a remote bass recording, the service I provide is still very personal fast and friendly.  You can read a little more about me here.

Remote bass recording

Remote bass recording with me couldn’t be easier.  There’s no excuse not to have an amazing sounding bass in your song or album.  I can comfortably cover any music styles from the playing to the bass tone like pop, rock, singer-songwriter or funk.  Below you’ll find more details about the process of my online bass sessions and how it all works.

Whatever your bass needs might be, you can be certain that your new bass track will sound amazing and exactly the way you want.  I only use professional gear for all the recordings I do, if you are interested in what I use to record your songs, on my Gear page you will find out more details about it.

Why use me?

There are a few benefits in using me in addition to being convenient for you and more cost effective.  Firstly, I have more time and freedom to experiment with the bass sound to better suit your music, instead of being in the studio under time pressure and not having all my gear available to experiment with.  Secondly, I will have the time to be more creative with the writing, unless you have a very specific bass line in mind.  In that case, the process will be even faster because I’ll know exactly what to go for.  I absolutely love working with a specific brief and I’m used to doing so when I write and record music for media.  In other words, it’s a cost-effective way of getting world-class bass tracks on your music.

How will it sound?

Your new bass line will sound professional and just the way you want.  The final bass audio files that you will receive from me will be of an industry standard quality, professionally played and recorded.  I have been recording bass and playing live for a long time, in addition, I run my own mobile recording studio and have a degree and masters degree on how to record and produce excellent music in the studio.  So you can be assured that you will only receive top quality bass tracks from me.  You will be able to just grab the file I send you and drop it in your session.

How a remote bass recording works

The process of a remote bass recording couldn’t be easier and normally it takes just a couple days (most of the times in the same day) from your initial email to exchange of the final bass tracks.  You only pay when you’re happy with the bass part, there are no upfront fees or hidden costs.  Here is how it often works:

  1. Get in touch with me via email or fill in the contact form here and we can discuss what you are after.  It could be a bass line for your new single, record a full album or a short bass groove to build your song on.  Maybe you already have an existing bass part and would only like to have it recorded at high quality.  We can discuss what you want and agree on a brief and a price.
  2. You send me the track, I record the bass and send an mp3 for you to review.
  3. Once you’re happy with it and after payment is received, I will send you the full quality bass track.


Please get in touch for a quote!


Some examples of my sessions

Liv Austen – ‘A Moment Of Your Time’ (live session)

Nicky Rubin – ‘I’ll Never Forget You’

Scroll down through the playlist below to see all the tracks.

For more videos of me playing please head to the Gallery page. For more audio examples please head over to my SoundCloud page.

“Tiago played bass for a few songs on my album, Put Back Charlie. He is very easy to work with, open to feedback and provided quick turnaround time as we worked remotely between Los Angeles and London. Professional, friendly, reliable and a great musician!”

“Tiago Dias is a rare gem. Not only is he very musical but as a session bass player he is very giving of his own ideas and talent but at the same time is not at all precious or prima donna-ish, and accepts direction and last minute changes of ideas, with grace and immediately.

Regarding his own bass sound, he is very conscientious and strives to give both producer and artist his best in terms of feel groove and tone on any particular song, trying several things out before settling on the final version.

Unlike many session musicians he always looked like he’d done his homework!)) Really. I recently recorded 4 tracks with him and my producer and I always looked forward to bass days when we knew working with Tiago would be nothing short of a pure joy. A rare talent, a very gifted man and an asset to London.

P.S.- He can play!”